Customer Enrollment Form

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    Refundable Deposit Fixed Rs.1000
    No of month
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    1. Vehicle No .rented by SWITCH is the sole property of KHS Associates.
    2. The two-wheeler needs to be returned at the specified location (Switch spot) and Time as advised by the KHSAssociates. Any delay of more than 15 minutes without intimating the company representativewill attract penalty as per vendor T&C.
    3. The customer is not authorized to lend the two-wheeler to any person for rent or otherwise. All responsibilities are of person in whose name vehicle is issued
    4. In case of theft, the customer is liable to pay, in full, the market rate of the two-wheel
    5. Switch reserves the right to deduct for any damages or change in tenure from the deposit.
    6. Switch reserves the right to reject the booking after verification.


    1. Document– Proof of identity like self-attested photocopy of , Aadhar Card, Driving License, Electricity Bill needs to be submitted.
    2. Scooter bookings are subject to availability. SWITCH reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.

    3. Rider should respect and follow Traffic rules and regulations. Any Challans issued due to rider’s negligence need to be paid in full to the penalizing authority.
    4. Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs is strictly prohibited. SWITCH will not be responsible toor compensate for any mishaps and their consequences in such cases.
    5. Customer booked the package has to utilized in full .No refund request will be entertained for early return of Vehicle but In caseif vehicle develop any fault replacement may be considered only for booked package.
    6. Extend of package need to inform
    7. Switch has complete authority to cancel the booking without prior notice(Could not understand the purpose and meaning of this sentence .

    I agree to all the above Terms and conditions and abide them in full.