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Be a part of ‘SWITCH’ for your last mile-commute,
Delivery Solutions & Metro Feeder Sevices.

Tired waiting for the cab or auto paying hefty money even for the last mile commute? Time to Switch your last mile commute. Here's Nagpur’s first Electric Scooter sharing, E-Bicycle and E-Rickshaw on rent to rescue you, in your service with just a few steps. This is the easiest way to commute around and reach the nearest Metro Station, feel electrified with this revolution. Switch is low-speed electric vehicle that doesn't require a license to carry or helmet to wear but we insist on safety.

What do you do when you want to travel distances too long to walk and too short to take a cab? Worry not! Switch e-Scooters are here to help. With the increasing menace of pollution and traffic, it is inevitable for us to be watchful and contribute in whatever way we can to make our planet greener and cleaner. But we also know that we cannot put a halt on our commuting. However, we can surely change the way we travel and pave the way for a better environment. Switch provides you travel and delivery solutions.


  • We are a transportation technology company, based at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. Addressing the First and Last mile connectivity problems for your Smart city by developing innovative solutions, using e-bicycles, electric vehicles and other means of environment friendly transport.
  • We have dock based as well as dock-less bike share operations and our solutions are customized for your City as well as for the universities, commercial and industrial campuses that we operate in. Extensive research and development in various technologies and business models keeps us at the forefront of last mile transportation solutions.
  • We also Provide the delivery solutions through e-cart.
  • We share a deep concern for the environment and promote the use of non-fossil fuel transport, connected through intelligent AI systems, enabling smart technology solutions, to solve our everyday problems of efficient, safe and reliable transportation.

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